Boiler Repair and Maintenance Costs

Boiler Repair and Maintenance Costs

Every boiler needs repairing from time to time. When you consider what we ask of the average boiler – heating our water and providing central heating too whenever we need it – it’s no surprise the odd part breaks down.

As such it is a good idea to know what the repair costs are when they crop up. This way you will be prepared for whatever happens to your boiler.

Paying for repairs versus buying a new boiler

There comes a time in every boiler’s life when it starts needing new parts more regularly. A boiler repair is vital if it is to keep you warm throughout winter, but if you find you are paying for regular repairs it may be time to consider buying a new boiler.


Making this decision can be difficult unless the engineer says your boiler has definitely died on you or is too dangerous to continue using. The age of your boiler will come into play if you’ve had to pay for the occasional repair here and there. For example a ten year old boiler that has required several repairs over the last year or so may be on its way out. A two year old boiler that has required a repair within the same time frame should still have a long life in it yet.

If you have an old boiler it may eventually prove to be more cost effective to replace it with a new one. An up to date boiler should be cheaper to run and more energy efficient too. When you add in the likelihood of fewer repairs you can see how much better it might be to have one.

Average costs of services and maintenance

Servicing is essential with any make, model and type of boiler. Ideally this should be done every year. Your energy company may provide this free of charge if you have a cover plan with them. Some of these plans provide repairs free of charge as well, although of course you will pay a monthly fee for them.


If you source an engineer to perform the service you can expect to pay anything from £60 upwards. It shouldn’t cost more than about £100. As for repairs it depends on the type of repair required. The good news is some providers have fixed price boiler repair services. This means you can get the repair you need for a specified price. This can start at about £60 depending on what needs doing. The major energy companies tend to offer these services, although you can get them from other companies as well. Fixed price services can be as high as £250 in some cases, but they could still save you money.

It is definitely worth looking around to see which services and companies offer the cheapest prices. Remember though: regular annual servicing could save you money in the long run by keeping your boiler in good working order. It could mean fewer repairs over the life of your boiler.

If you do need to replace your boiler then see our guide to boiler costs here.