Bespoke Kitchens – How to Make Your Kitchen Unique

Bespoke Kitchens – How to Make Your Kitchen Unique

Having your kitchen extended is a great way to reinvigorate your home, and the possibilities for a new and exciting kitchen space are endless. However, many people choose to go the tried and tested route and get a fitted kitchen from a major retail chain. The results can be uninspiring at best, and in the worst cases the new kitchen doesn’t fit properly and makes poor use of the available space. It seems a shame to have invested so heavily in the new extension only to be let down by cheap and samey kitchen fittings. How much better then is a unique kitchen, designed exclusively for your new space, and tailored precisely to meet your needs and requirements?

The advantages of a bespoke kitchen

Four Corners Trading is a maker of wooden cabinets and furniture with over 40 years’ experience of designing and building high quality bespoke kitchens. At Four Corners we know that our job is to turn your ideas into a reality, and our bespoke kitchen service is at the heart of our operation. We understand exactly how important your kitchen is to you, and we want you to have as much input as possible in creating the perfect kitchen for you.

cotswold-kitchenAll of our kitchens for sale use solid wood cabinets, and are designed and built to the highest standards by our skilled craftsmen. We also fit them so you know that the very people who listened to your initial ideas, and then made the bespoke kitchen furniture with their own hands, are also the people who will be putting it in place and creating the new kitchen alongside you. Another advantage of using a bespoke service, as opposed to buying a pre-fabricated kitchen from a large chain, is that there will be no voids or unused spaces. At Fourcorners Trading, we can create cabinets that fit your kitchen perfectly, achieving a beautiful design that flows seamlessly from the door to the fridge to the oven and back again, with absolutely no wasted space.

Four Corners Bespoke Kitchens

logo four cornersAt Four Corners we have a variety of style options available in our range of handmade kitchens for sale. Quaker Oak has its roots in the Shaker approach to furniture design and features doors that are built in frame. Cotswolds Oak is emblematic of traditional English country furniture, and features tongue and groove in-frame doors. The Rectory Oak style is the distillation of everything that we at Four Corners know about cabinet making, and the doors and drawers feature additional beading details. We also create hand-painted wooden kitchens, available in any colour you choose.

All of our kitchens are made by hand by skilled craftspeople, using the very best materials and tools available. They create unique bespoke kitchens that are as hardwearing as they are beautiful, designed just for you and built to last.

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