Bathroom Designs – Ideas for Small Spaces

Bathroom Designs – Ideas for Small Spaces

A small room can be just as challenging to decorate as a huge room – especially when the room in question is a bathroom. After all you have to get a bath or shower in there, along with a toilet and sink, so it leaves precious little room for anything else.

Here we’ve put together some ideas and suggestions to help you work out what you can achieve with your bathroom.

Small Bathroom Designs – Where To Begin?

Small Bathroom Design Layout

You have to begin with the basics really – the essentials. The layout will already determine whether the bath/shower, sink and toilet will go. Unless you have a large budget and an appetite for a lot of work, you should stick with the same layout. Moving any plumbing can be costly and extend the timescale of the project.

If you can strip the room back to its bare essentials you’ll save money on getting someone else to do it. It will also give you time to focus on a blank canvas, or as near to one as you can get. This will help you find design ideas. Look online and in magazines for suggestions and solutions other people have already tried and had a lot of success with.

Small Bathroom Suites

Small Bathroom Suite

Keeping things light is essential in a small bathroom otherwise it will look smaller still. A white suite will never date and it will keep the room looking bright and clean as well. You can get suites that are designed to be a little more ornate or fancy, so you don’t necessarily have to settle for something plain.

Even if you decide to get a cheap white suite you can enhance it by adding quirky modern or traditional taps, depending on what theme or decorative ideas you’re going with. It also enables you to change the wall and accessory colours very easily later on to get a whole new room without changing the suite.

Small Bathroom Storage

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

You have to get quite creative to make the most of a small bathroom. Unfortunately it is easy to focus on the main items of furniture – the essentials, if you will – and forget about any actual storage.

It’s a good idea to spend some time in your bathroom thinking about how you can make the most of the space it offers you. Small bathrooms don’t offer much in the way of floor space once the essentials are in. However you might find a slimline cabinet with a small footprint that would offer a lot of storage.

Wall cabinets are a good option too. Some people manage to add more than one wall cabinet to store away all their medicines, shampoos, conditioners and other bath and shower-related items. You might also find quirky storage cabinets that can go behind and above the toilet or under the sink. Indeed you could opt for a built-in sink so you can utilise the space underneath it that would otherwise be wasted.

Start By Getting A Quotation Today

Get A Quote For A New Bathroom

Whatever ideas you have in mind, the best course of action is to get some quotes for the work you want to have done. Once you have a good idea of what you want, you can request a bathroom quote to determine how much you might spend on the remodel.

Redoing a small bathroom is a challenge to be sure. However it is one you will very likely be able to meet head-on with great success, if you follow through with the ideas and suggestions above. Take control and see how much better your bathroom could look after a much-needed design makeover.