Avoiding Disasters: Build a Stress Free Extension

Avoiding Disasters: Build a Stress Free Extension

So building a completely stress free extension may be a bit of a long shot. However, there are many ways to significantly reduce the stress levels within an extension build; these could also save time and money, so you will be far better off once your project is finished.

Taking on a large task such as building an extension is likely to have problems and days when you feel as though it will never be finished, but by applying these tips you could sail through it with only the smallest hiccups (hopefully!).

Separate Yourself

As your build starts to progress, the sooner it is water tight the better. However, once it has been opened up to be part of the main home this can take away some of the heat especially during the winter months. If heating is yet to be fitted the area can be extremely cold and can make the rooms connected cold too.

This can be terrible to endure and sectioning it off until heating has been installed could make it far more bearable. You may still need a little extra heating within the rooms attached to the extension, but this is a small price to pay when the alternative is to suffer a freezing living space.

Keep it Clean

skipIt can be extremely difficult to assess how well the extension is going when there is rubble and mess everywhere. Therefore, the best way to keep a clear head during a building project is to keep the area itself clear. There are plenty of companies, such as Skip Hire UK, who hire out skips for you to use for your project, and they’ll often collect the filled skip as well.

Everything that is definitely earmarked for removal should immediately be put into skip and at the end of every day make sure that the area is clean and tidy. This will also reduce the risk of accidents as there will be fewer obstacles to move around.

Work as a Team

digging footingsIt is essential that you have the right team of people for the job, so make sure you have done your research before taking on any definite contractors. This also applies to the architect who will be an important player in the team. A common reason for mistake and arguments on any building site is miscommunication, and the best way to tackle this could be to have a folder with pooled ideas, designs and information which is shared between everyone within the team of contractors.

This could be as an online document so that it can be added to at any time. You may also want to have an email or group chat message which involves everyone. This will allow everyone to be aware of important information and it will make sure that no one is under the impression of anything different.

Take a Break

house extension prepBuilding projects can not only be stressful for you, but they can be stressful for the outsiders who are still involved, such as children and pets. During the time when the most work is being done and the most stress is likely to occur, it may be a good idea to take them out of the house and let them have a short holiday at a relative’s house. This will reduce the level of anxiety for them and will also make you feel much better that they are in a calm environment.

If you feel that, in the thick of the project, you could use a break book one for later down the line instead. This will give you something to focus on and aim towards without you missing the most important moments of the project.

Reference source: Skip Hire UK