Are Insulated Garage Doors Worth the Cost?

Are Insulated Garage Doors Worth the Cost?

Many people in the UK have a garage. Plenty of them have standard garage doors that are designed to prevent entry into the garage itself. They’re not usually designed to keep the heat in and the cold out.

However insulated garage doors can be a very good idea. If you haven’t got them at the moment, the following information may prove very useful in deciding whether to get them in the future.

What Are Insulated Garage Doors?

Put simply, they are exactly what they sound like – garage doors that have been properly insulated to prevent heat loss. They come in several kinds, including roller shutters, sectional doors and side-hinged varieties. You can also buy the familiar up and over doors not to mention ones made from different materials. You could opt for wooden doors if you prefer, or metal ones instead. It all depends on the type of property you have and what would look best.

In each case each panel is properly insulated so the door works as it normally would. It will be thicker and you will see the insulation on the inside of the doors when they are closed.

What are their benefits?

The benefits are most clearly seen if you have a garage that is attached to your home rather than standing separately. In this situation you will generally have a door that connects the garage to the property itself. While this door will be locked it isn’t always insulated. This means you can easily lose heat into the garage and then out through the garage door. It’s even possible to lose heat through the walls. By having a properly insulated garage door you can prevent much of this heat loss from your home.

You can also make the garage a better place to be if you do some DIY in there during the winter months. In this situation you can park your car on the drive and still have the comfortable use of your garage.

Are they worth the money?

One of the main questions people will have – and rightly so – regards the cost of these doors. They will be more expensive than regular garage doors without the insulation. However you do have to weigh this up against the savings you can make on your energy bill.

You see, when you have insulated doors installed on your garage you will be able to prevent the heat loss we spoke about above. This means you’ll need less energy to heat your home in the winter. So while you can spend more on the doors to begin with, you will very soon see savings in your energy bills. These doors will eventually pay for themselves, and they will enable you to make better use of your garage even when the weather outside isn’t very good.

Even though this is an area of your home you may never have considered insulating before, you can see it makes a lot of sense to do so. Providing your garage is attached to the main property you can stall the heat loss that is currently exiting the building through your garage door. Since we are all looking to save money on our bills this is a very practical way of doing it.

If you are fortunate enough to have a double garage you will have a significant amount of room to use as a DIY area as well as having room to park your car safely. You may not want to use your garage in the coldest months of the year at the moment, but this will soon change when you have an insulated garage door.