A Guide To The Most Sought After Property Additions

A Guide To The Most Sought After Property Additions

When it comes to adding value to your home, you need to think big. Some of the finest homes in the world offer beautiful buildings in stunning surrounds. So how do you ensure your property stands out from the crowd?

Take a look at FT Property Listings and you’ll see that many of the homes have a little something extra just to set them apart from the rest.

So what should you be looking for – and what are other people doing across the globe to raise the stakes and create a dream home? Here’s our guide…

Recording studio: Aim high to have the most impact. Installing your own recording studio can be a great outlet to fine-tune the musical talents of you and your parents. You’ll need the fastest computer you can afford, an audio interface, microphone, MIDI controller, recording software, headphones, speakers and monitors but it’s definitely possible and will be a big attraction to future buyers.

Glass garage: The humble garage can be transformed into more than a simple storage facility by adding a touch of flair. Old fashioned doors can be replaced by glass panels that are controlled by an app. This instantly boosts your garage’s appeal – and shows off your car too.

Cinema: Recreate the cinema experience by transforming a room – with a screen, speakers and seating that will allow you to replicate the sights and sounds of the silver screen – without loud people anti-socially chomping on popcorn during the crucial moments.


Swimming pool with a difference: A swimming pool on its own probably doesn’t have enough of a star appeal. Why not incorporate a pool that flows in and out of the house or have one with an adjustable floor to alter the depth? Other pools use lighting and décor for dramatic effect. Consider installing a bar in the middle of your pool to make it the ultimate party attraction,

Bowling alley: A boring basement can be transformed into a super-fun attraction by installing a bowling alley. Use lighting and design to replicate the feel of an authentic lane and you’ll be guaranteed to turn heads.

Slide: Why should Google have all the fun? Make the transition between rooms or floors in your house fun with a slide. Staircases have always been attractive showpieces in homes – take it to the next level with a slide.

Secret passages: Let your imagination run wild and install a ‘secret passageway’ to connect rooms in your house. The staple diet of grand old houses in fiction and spy books, you’ll add a cool cache to your home with one of these.

Treehouse: A treehouse has always been a great addition to any garden – why not up the ante and install one that caters for the young at heart adults as well as the young? This can be a great way to make the most of your garden.
When looking to install an addition to your property don’t forget the point at the very start. If you were searching a property website, what would catch your eye? Think big, be bold and you’ll be able to improve the value of your housing asset in an eye-catching way.