5 signs that your home needs an extension

5 signs that your home needs an extension

Building an extension on your home, whether it is a loft extension, a new downstairs room or even a double height extension, means you are going to be making some pretty comprehensive pros and cons lists before you make up your mind. It is a large commitment in terms of time and money, so you need to be sure you are making the right choice.

We have compiled a list of 5 factors that are clear indications that your home needs an extension and they are issues that come up time and time again with our clients. In many cases these are serious enough that you either extend or move home – the latter being very costly and often not worth the upheaval. If you are struggling to decide if your home is crying out for an extension, read on.

1. You have run out of space

This is do or die. If your children are rapidly growing or you have a new addition on the way, an extension may be the difference between having to move or being able to stay put. The addition of an extra bedroom in the loft can mean that your children can get their own rooms, while a downstairs room can mean that you have a playroom or snug so everyone can enjoy their leisure time.

2. Your home is unbalanced

If your home has previously been extended or it was poorly designed, you may find that the number of rooms upstairs doesn’t balance with those downstairs. For example, you might have four bedrooms and two bathrooms, yet you have a tiny kitchen and no dining room. Clearly this doesn’t work as a family home but it can be remedied by the addition of a downstairs extension to even out the space.

3. The neighbours are doing it

Extending, that is… If there is plenty of building work going on in your street, it is probably because the demand is there for larger homes or more family friendly spaces. In terms of your home as an investment, it might be worth keeping up with the Joneses and ensuring that your home meets the expectations of future buyers.

4. Your rooms are not fit for purpose

Homes in the past were often built with heating in mind. They were separate rooms that could be closed off to keep the heat in. It made sense, then. Now we have central heating and double glazing and can have larger, more open plan spaces. If your rooms are simply too small and do not fit in with the way your family likes to live then an extension might be a way to bring your home up to date and to make the rooms how you prefer them to be.

5. Your lifestyle requires an extension

Many of us work from home these days, at least for part of the week. This means that a quiet space, away from the main living areas is required. Not all homes have this, forcing the self employed to work in the living room or bedroom. A small extension or garage conversion can result in a decent sized room, from which a business can be run that doesn’t interfere with the home.

If any of these issues ring true for you, you may need to think about additional space in your home. It might just be the start of your pros and cons list, but we think they are a good place to begin.