5 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

5 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

When you think of any room in the home, you will almost certainly be able to buy a variety of different gadgets for it; some which will be incredibly innovative and useful, whilst they’ll undoubtedly be others that leave you wondering exactly what the point of them is.

The kitchen is no different and with more people becoming adventurous in their cooking, following in the footsteps of the likes of Heston Blumenthal, domestic kitchens in 2014 are being kitted out with a collection of fancy gadgets to help make crazy ideas come to life and everyday cooking that little bit simpler.

With all of this in mind, we’ve teamed up with BGO Kitchens, one of the leading suppliers of a fantastic range of build your own kitchens, to run through five of the must have kitchen gadgets which are currently cooking up a storm in the culinary world.

#1 – The Chadwick Pizza Oven – £360

Chadwick Pizza OvenIf you want to make your own pizzas at home without the large, traditional style pizza ovens, this fantastic, British made innovation is a must for your kitchen. The stainless steel designs heats up on a gas stove, so takes up the same amount of space as a frying pan, and has a pizza stone which reaches an incredibly high heat to cook the perfect thin crust pizza in just four minutes.

It may seem a little on the pricey side at £360, but it certainly gives the wood burning pizza oven a run for its money both in terms of the amount of space required and the delicious end results that come out of it.

#2 – ‘Smart Scales’ Prep Pad- £94 – App

Smart ScalesRevolutionising the way we find out nutritional information on all manner of foods, the ‘Smart Scales’ Prep Pad is an iPad app created by developers in California which contains detailed dietary information including calories, fats, carbs and proteins for everything from fruit to steaks.

All you need to do is specify what it is you are cooking and it’s weight, either manually or by inputting a bar code, and all the information is it at your fingertips. Tablets can now be used for so much more than simply downloading recipes as you can now keep a track on what it is you’re putting on your plate.

#3 – Thermomix – £885

ThermomixThis takes the standard blender to the next level; weighing, cooking and steaming food. With Heston Blumenthal being a big fan of this product (you can imagine the sort of things that can be done with it), 10 different kitchen appliances are combined into the one unit to make your life considerably easier.

From chopping onions to cooking jams, making pastries and steaming fish, all of which can be completed in a matter of seconds for most jobs, there has never been a product on the market that can do so many different things.

#4 – Joseph Joseph TriScale – £32

TriScaleFor a space saving gadget that never compromises on functionality or effectiveness, the Joseph Joseph TriScale ticks all the right boxes. These digital scales weigh everything incredibly accurately, with an ‘add and weigh’ function which enables additional ingredients to be weighed in the same bowl as you prepare the recipe.

The unique design of the three arms which fold down and are also collapsible means storage is easy, whilst a stable platform for measuring is assured when the three arms are folded down. With an LED display, which makes reading the figures easy, as well as touch sensitive controls, these digital scales lead the field.

#5 – Kenwood kMix Hand Mixer – £64.99

Kenwood kMix Hand Mixer

Hand mixers have long been valuable additions to the kitchen appliance attire, yet few benefit from the classy, modern style emanating from the kMix design from Kenwood. With five speed options along with pulse, the 350kw motor enables effective mixing with minimum effort on your part.

A soft grip handle makes for comfortable use whilst the fact that the base of the mixer doubles up as both a stand and a storage compartment for whisks makes this design one of the most aesthetically appealing and practical on the market.

Times are always changing so don’t expect gadgets for the kitchen to stop being produced any time soon! What’s your favourite kitchen gadget at the moment? Leave us a comment below letting us know.