5 home improvements costing less than £20

5 home improvements costing less than £20

We all know that the cost of making changes to your home can be expensive and in some cases it means that we live with a house that really doesn’t suit our style aspirations. But what if we told you that you could make some huge home improvements for less than £20? You might think that it involves some dodgy DIY and craft glue – but cheap changes can also look professional and be easy to achieve.

1. Simple furniture rearranging

Dividing a room with a bookshelf

They say a change is as good as a rest and in this case it is also absolutely free. Simply reassessing the furniture you have around your home and repurposing or changing the layout can improve the way your home looks and for no money at all. Consider moving an armchair to a bedroom, using bookshelves as dividing walls and swapping your living room for the dining room.

2. Houseplants

Houseplants are a quick way of refreshing a room

Plants can lend a room an air of peace and calm – and they have the added benefit of cleaning the air. Simple houseplants can cost from just a few pounds and if you wish you can get cuttings from friends and family and grow them yourself. Within a few months they will be large enough to make a real impact. Group them together in one area of the house to get a green and outdoor feel.

3. Make the most of freebies

Freebie wall paper ideas

Most DIY stores will allow you to take good-sized samples of wallpaper home for free. Fabric stores will offer samples or off-cuts at very cheap prices. Source some frames either from cheaper shops or from charity shops and frame the samples as interesting wall art. If you are handy with a hammer, you could make a wooden frame and stretch fabric across it. While you are looking into free stuff, don’t forget Freecycle where you can find items that people are willing to give away.

4. Painting

One-wall painting

It is surprising how much paint you can get for less than £20 or you can get it for free if you are in special need from community paint supply organisations. You can use paint to brighten up walls, repaint kitchen cabinets, repurpose old furniture or even make floorboards and doors look brighter and more cheerful. Nothing beats a new paint job for improving the look and feel of your home.

5. Learn a new craft

Knitting chair - upholstered

You can learn almost anything on YouTube these days and many of these types of crafts are ideal for adding improvements to your home. Try crochet, knitting or sewing to add cheap homemade soft furnishings to your home or upholstering or rug making to make further impact. You can even learn how to replaster a wall, lay tiles or replace doors. Then all you need to do is source the materials from places like Ebay and you can bag a real bargain that will put your new skills to good use.

Making small improvements to your home that will have maximum impact really is cheaper than you think. It might require a little ingenuity, but it is absolutely possible even with less than £20.