5 Great Reasons To Consider Wooden Window Shutters

5 Great Reasons To Consider Wooden Window Shutters

When it comes to dressing your windows, there are many options. Blinds and curtains are the most popular choices but one option many people in the UK don’t consider is wooden shutters.

Although they’re popular abroad and in sunnier climates, they’re still not a common feature of British homes. But they’re starting to take off and if you haven’t considered them yet, here’s why you should.


Kitchen with window shutters
If you’re looking to spruce up any room in your house, shutters can truly transform your interior design. Create a warm, country cottage-style living room or a clean, fresh bathroom with wooden shutters that are custom-made to fit. With customised designs and a range of finishes available, you can completely personalise your interiors to create the look you want.

Filter light

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One major advantage of wooden shutters is that they are a great way to control the light levels in your room. Whether you want to open them wide to let in plenty of natural light or tilt the slats upwards in order to filter the light and create a certain atmosphere. And if you struggle to fall asleep on light summer nights, shutters will completely block out the sun and let you fall soundly asleep without being disturbed by the light. And if you sleep with the window open, you can rest assured they won’t rattle around in a breeze like blinds.

They protect furniture from sun damage

Each time sunlight hits your sofas, chairs or other items of furniture, the colour will start to fade. So to protect your furniture from sun damage, it’s advisable to reduce its exposure to direct sunlight. Window shutters are a perfect solution to sun damage because they allow you to filter the amount of light that enters the room. So by blocking out the sun, you will prevent uneven discoloration of your furniture and keep it looking newer for longer.

They help cut your heating bills

home energy costsIn both summer and winter, shutters can help you naturally control the temperature of your home. In summer they block out the sun’s rays, helping to keep your house cool without using fans and air conditioning. In winter they can help prevent drafts and keep your house warm – reducing the need for central heating. By fitting window shutters throughout your home, you can therefore cut your energy bills and lower your impact on the environment.

They’re a natural sound barrier

It’s not just light that shutters can block out either – they can also act as a natural sound barrier. Perhaps you live on a noisy street where the sound of traffic late at night disturbs your sleep. By installing wooden shutters, you’ll be able to block out the noise – leaving nothing standing in the way of you and a good night’s sleep.

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The best way to find out more about wooden shutters is to request a free design consultation from your chosen retailer. They will run you through there selection so that you can see all designs and materials for yourself. You can browse as many samples as you like in the comfort of your own home and offer expert advice on the best colour scheme for you.

And if you decide to purchase a set of wooden blinds, they shall use your exact requirements to create a completely bespoke solution that matches your home and unique style.

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