5 Great Bathroom Ideas

5 Great Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is one of the finest places in the home for most of us. Consider this; where else would you rather be, than in a warm, clean and beautiful bathroom after a busy day at work or after a long-run out with the kids? You need a bathroom which is relaxing, light and inviting. Consequently, if you’re struggling with a tired, uninviting bathroom, these small and relatively inexpensive ideas should make things bearable for you.

Invest in proper lighting

bathroom lighting
Lighting is one of the most important elements of a beautiful bathroom. Well lit bathrooms are the key to improved satisfaction while taking a bath and relaxing. This means that you need to check your current lighting and if it’s poor in anyway, invest in some new lights to improve your bathroom experience, or to create the ultimate relaxing ambiance add some candles.


It is also very important to keep your bathroom clean and ventilated. Moisture often accumulates in the bathroom because of poor ventilation and this can lead to a build up of mold on walls and ceilings. Invest in an extractor fan and make sure that you open a window after taking a hot shower or bath to let the steam out and fresh air in.

Invest in nice fragrance

White Company - scent diffuser
Bathrooms can be quite smelly places, so it is important to manage these smells with an appropriate nice smelling fragrance. Room sprays last longer than air fresheners and create a more natural, calming smell. They also come in more attractive bottles to air fresheners.
The ‘modern’ way of creating a lasting aroma is to use diffuser sticks. These are placed in a jar of liquid which the sticks absorb and then release the aroma over time. Oil burners and scented candles also create an inviting aroma to a room.


bathroom storage
Nobody wants to walk into a bathroom to find bottles of shampoo, shower gel and razors lying around on view. An organised bathroom will make life so much easier when you’re rushing about getting ready on a morning. Bathroom specialists such as Pioneer Bathrooms offer a range of solutions to help organise your bathroom; from towel rails to bathroom cabinets, soap dishes to toilet roll holders, you will always know where everything is and your bathroom will remain tidy.

Get extra heating

There’s nothing worse than getting out of a nice hot bath and into a cold room! You can therefore make your bathroom better by adding a heating source to it. This can be done by adding a simple radiator, or a heated towel rail. These not only lightly heat the room, but also provide a storage space for towels. Plus towels are lovely and warm for when you get out that nice relaxing bath.

bathroom radiator

Overall, each one of us must take a keen interest in how their bathrooms function and make them better. By following through each one of the above tips, you’ll be able to achieve a well-lit, clean, fresh smelling, organised and warm bathroom. One which you’ll spend all day dreaming about coming home to!

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