5 Apps to help you with your Property Purchase

5 Apps to help you with your Property Purchase

Buying a home can be a very difficult and stressful task. There is a lot to think about before deciding to purchase a house; aspects such as the number of bedrooms, pricing and location of the house must all be considered. According to the BBC, people in the UK move house an average of once every seven years which means the frustration and trauma of buying a new home is likely to affect us all at some stage in our lives. Thankfully there are a few useful apps that can help make the process a lot easier for you. These apps will lend a helping hand when needed and can provide great assistance during your search for the perfect home.

1. Rightmove
One of the most popular apps that home buyers turn to is the Rightmove app. This is available on many different devices such as kindle, android, iPhone, iPad and Windows.
The app allows you to search for properties, contact estate agents via phone or email, share properties on social media so that you can get your friends opinions on the matter and you can even access interior photos and floorplans. One of the best benefits of this app is the ability to check out properties abroad. You can have a look for your perfect property on portugalproperty.com where you can discover your perfect home overseas.

2. Homesnap
Take out your phone and snap a few photos of your favourite houses on the go.
The Homesnap app will then display information about that house in a matter of seconds, allowing you to find out about the value, taxes, number of bedrooms, similar property listings and when it was last sold. This app is extremely useful and easy to use. It is fast and it gives accurate results. If you snap a photo of a house on the market, Homesnap may be able to access interior pictures to give you a sneak peek inside the walls of the house that has caught your attention.

3. Zoopla
This free app shows houses that are for sale and up for rent which can be really useful for people who are looking to rent a house instead of purchasing it. Zoopla can show you instant value estimates for all 28 million homes in the UK. This is very impressive and app users will be able to filter their search results by price, location and date added. You can even create alerts and get in contact with the agents in no time.

4. AroundMe
If you have kids and are worried about whether or not the location is suitable for them, this app will fill you in on everything you need to know about the area. For example, you can easily check to see which schools are nearby and whether or not there are any pubs, restaurants and petrol stations close to the house. One of the best features to AroundMe is its ability to show you a map and give you accurate directions to the various attractions and businesses nearby so that you can get to know the area a lot better before purchasing.

5. Kirstie and Phil’s House Hunter
This app is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. According to the Telegraph,this app is particularly useful for planning your finances, alerting you to hidden costs, helping you to manage your budget and keeping your wish list up to date.