3 Easy Steps to be more at home with your House Extension

3 Easy Steps to be more at home with your House Extension

An extension can be a welcome addition to any home. Providing extra space for storage, a bedroom for visiting guests or perhaps even for a beautiful conservatory; whatever way you use to extend your home, making it a more comfortable place to be is always essential.

Here are three great tips to make your extension the luxurious haven you deserve:

•  Keep the Extension Warm

There is nothing more uncomfortable than the cold, so make sure your extension is properly heated. This means investing in suitable heating appliances – either freestanding or integrated – and ensuring the structure is well insulated. Of course, you still need to consider ventilation and that means fitting air-tight windows with vents that allow air to circulate freely.

•  Choose the Right Flooring

When considering the flooring for your extension it is useful to think about the main activities that will take place in the room. Under floor heating is a good option for those investing in tiles or laminates but carpets could do the same job.

If the carpet is going to be laid in a high traffic room, a hard wearing and strong pile should be chosen with stain resistant materials such as wool favoured over others. Synthetic fibre carpets provide great stain protection and come at affordable prices for those on a budget.

A blend of synthetic and natural fibres can give the perfect mixture of luxurious softness as well as providing a strong base and good stain protection. Always be sure to choose a suitable colour too as pale carpets will need more cleaning and maintenance. Choosing the right carpet for your home extension can make the room warm and comfortable and you can get quality carpet in a range of colours and thicknesses.

•  Match Furnishings to the Room

Furnishings can really pull a room together and help provide an air of comfort and luxury. Choosing the right furniture for your home extension is therefore essential – but you need it to match the purpose of the room.

If the extension is going to be used as a guest bedroom, a comfortable bed and perhaps a deep soft pile rug can give an atmosphere of sumptuous warmth. If the extension is designed to serve multiple purposes then consider a futon or sofa bed which offers the ability to change the function.

Basic home decorating rules will still apply to your extension so remember that mirrors and lighting are incredibly important when it comes to creating the illusion of space. Always favour natural light over artificial and remember to accessories with soft furnishings and ornaments.