17 Home Improvement Trends for 2016

17 Home Improvement Trends for 2016

Every year the home improvement market is flooded with an influx of trends. From small scale tweaks to full on renovations, there’s no shortage of inspiration out there. To help you create the perfect pad in 2016 we’ve put together a list of some of our favourites:

Two tone kitchens

1. Two tone kitchen cabinets

Just because it’s primarily a functional room it doesn’t mean that kitchens should be neglected when it comes to interior style. This year we’ll see a focus on two tone kitchen cabinets. Keep upper surfaces in lighter tones for a clean aesthetic, with cupboards in darker shades for a touch of drama. Think creamy marble tops with timber cabinets.


Natural living textures in the home

2. Bringing outdoor textile in

Interior designers have always shown a love for bringing the outdoors in. This year we’ll start to see this concept displayed in more than just indoor plants. From textured canvas to cushioned wicker, outdoor materials are a stylish and durable way to keep rooms feeling fresh and breezy.


black-appliances3. Coloured stainless steel appliances

This year will see interior design buffs say farewell to traditional white and silver appliances, and hello to a brand new breed. Black stainless steel has created quite the buzz, with brands starting to introduce other radiant tones such as bronze and rose gold. It’s kitchen luxury, at its finest.


Large titles are a trend for 2016

4. Large format tiles

If you’re renovating the kitchen, laundry, bathroom or any other tiled space, keep in mind that extra-large format tiles are bang on trend this year. And when we say extra-large, we mean extra-large! Try tiles that measure in at over 30 x 70 inches for a seriously streamlined look.


Heated entrance floors will be a top trend in 2016

5. Heated entrance room floors

Sure, they’ve always been popular in bathrooms but this year will see an increasing number of home renovators opt for heated floors in entrance halls. During the chilly winter months they’re an absolute dream.



Wood and tile floor trend

6. Colliding floor materials

Why settle for tiles or floorboards when you can have both. The open plan kitchen dining craze is not a new concept, however using two different flooring materials is. Think outside the box with diagonal and geometric lines, and enlist the help of the experts to ensure you create a wonderfully fluid finish.


Sunrooms are big this year

7. Sunrooms

Did you know that adding a glazed extension or conservatory can boost your home’s resale value by £30,000. Adding value is always in fashion, and gives you a great excuse to furnish a brand new space in your home.




8. Textured walls

Statement walls are bang on trend this year, with an increasing number of interior designers incorporating texture into their aesthetic strategies. Think embossed leather, paisley, faux snake skin and quilted designs.



Liveable bathrooms9. Liveable bathrooms

Yes, bathrooms serve a purpose but in 2016 we’ll start to see them reimagined as liveable spaces. As well as all the essentials such as a bath, shower, toilet and sink interior designers will also start to pepper them with extras such as graphic wallpaper, statement chandeliers, Persian rugs and furniture-esque pieces.


Rural style hallways

10. Rural style entrance ways

For those with the luxury of space rural style entrance ways will be all the rage in 2016. We’re talking farmhouse style mudrooms with an urban twist. These can be added on as a brand new extension, or incorporated into existing space.


Gold wallpaper trend

11. All that glitters

The metallic trend made its mark in 2015, and this year we’ll see it continue. Gold will steal the spotlight, used in statement feature walls, countertops and embossed furniture.



Slate roof trend in 2016

12. Slate roofing

Elegant and timeless, slate roofing is set to enjoy a global revival in 2016. Even new builds will start to feature the eternally stylish slates in shades of grey, black and green. Of course, installing a new roof isn’t a cheap venture so this one will be for those in need of an upgrade, or simply with cash to splash.


Pantone colour of the year

13. Pantone picks its trends

Looking for colour inspiration? This year Pantone has pegged Rose Quartz and Serenity as the shades of the minute. They’re soft, tranquil and wonderfully relaxing which makes them great for use in the bedroom, living areas and beyond. You can even use them in the garden, as explored in the next listed trend.


Colourful shed

14. Colourful outdoor structures

Rather than conventional dark greens, blacks and blues outdoor design will start to enjoy a splash of colour. Statement walls are all the rage for interiors, and in 2016 this trend will be introduced to outdoor areas. Of course, it’s necessary to opt for colours that complement greenery.


Make the most of your garden this year

15. Reimagining the outdoor experience

For too long gardens have simply been a place to kick around a ball or make an attempt at a lacklustre veggie garden. This year homeowners will start to reimagine outdoor areas as experiential spaces. Built in fire pits are a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors all year round, while outdoor kitchens will be hugely popular amongst those with space and cash.


Led garden lights

16. Sustainability

The world is developing an increasing eco-friendly conscience which is starting to filter down into the home design sphere. This year both interior designers and construction firms alike will be shining the spotlight on sustainable features. As well as design savvy solar panels we’re thinking intelligent storm water management systems, self-watering gardens, grass roofs, water catchment ponds, native flora, fauna friendly features and the like. Making the switch to LED powered lights is also set to be a big one.



17. Tech savvy trends

Smart homes are gaining momentum, and if you want your pad to stay up-to-the-minute in 2016 incorporating technology is an absolute must. There are now a huge number of smartphone apps that can be used to control electrical appliances, lighting systems, alarms and more at the touch of a button. Ultimately they hand homeowners total control from anywhere, at any time.



Need help pulling off your dream home renovation plan in 2016? Armed with these trends and our House Extension expertise we can help you turn your vision into a liveable reality. From conservatory add-ons and garden revamps to renewable energy investments and rewiring, we’ll put you in touch with the right people for the job.


Which is your favourite? Which one do you hate? Add your comments below!