10 things in your bedroom you must get rid of NOW

10 things in your bedroom you must get rid of NOW

Bedrooms should be a place of rest and relaxation, which can be difficult to create when there is lots of clutter taking up all of the space. By getting rid of some of the more unnecessary items in your bedroom, you will be able to enjoy your space more fully.

1. Books and Old Magazines

If you are a bit of a bookworm then you are likely to be overflowing with books and old magazines that haven’t been read in years. If you want to free some space, consider putting your book collections in storage. This has become a very popular option and according to the Self-Storage Association, there is an average of 0.5 square foot of storage unit space per head of population in the UK. Alligator Storage is one option, as they offer both short and long term storage solutions, 24 hour security and easy access to your unit.

old electronics

2. Old Electronics

Bedrooms tend to hoard most of our old electronics, such as mobile phones that weigh a ton, Walkman’s, old MP3 players and dozens of old remotes, wires and cables. If you never use them, get rid of them.

3. Clothes

Free some closet and wardrobe space by getting rid of unworn clothes. Donate them to charity, transform them into dishcloths or chuck them in the bin.

4. Shoes

Shoes are everywhere. Girls in particular often have huge collections of shoes, most of which haven’t been worn since they grew out of them three years ago. It’s time to get rid of old shoes and move on.

5. Linens

If you have lots of bed linens and quilt covers stored in your cupboards, it may be time to get rid of them. Keep only what you need and an extra few in case you have guests staying over for the night.

6. Documents and Papers

Sort through your documents, papers and notes and recycle the ones that you no longer need. This also goes for old office supplies such as dried pens, broken staplers and used notepads.

CD tree

7. CDs and DVDs

This is the ‘digital age’ and sooner or later we will have no use for CDs or DVDs. Get rid of any you no longer use including video games, audio tapes and VHS tapes.

8. Cosmetics

It can be easy to get carried away with your cosmetic collection but it is important to discard any old and out-of-date cosmetics to avoid infection. According to Today, “mascara often only lasts three months before becoming a bacteria threat,” while cream products usually expire within six months to a year.

9. Plastic Containers

If you have lots of plastic containers in your bedroom and spare lids, get rid of them or use them to store things in a more neater and tidier manner.

10. Tiny Things

Tiny items are easy to lose and even harder to store. Such items include hair clips, ornaments, jewellery, odd socks and accessories. If you have lots of copper coins lying about, collect them and either put them in a money box or give them to charity.