Rough price and time ideas?

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How much will this cost (Please still send a comment with ideas).

  1. £20k - £30k

  2. £30k - £40k

  3. £40k - £50k

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  1. McNeely

    McNeely New Member


    I'm looking to take off a very old single storey extension which has a WC and kitchen in it, and replace it with a two-storey extension. On the ground would be kitchen and WC (plus shower) and above would be a family bathroom and laundry room. I would also want to turn the current upstairs bathroom into a bedroom. The current footprint of the extension is 7' x 18' (internal). I'm trying to figure out how long it will take us to save up for this, or how much we'll need to borrow, so a rough idea would be really helpful. I would be hiring someone to do it all - I'm not the self-build kind of guy.

    What's the least we could pay for this? What would be average price? How long does this sort of thing take (assuming the house is empty while it happens)?
  2. sc2009

    sc2009 New Member

    Hi McNeely,

    I have just had planning approved for my extension. You can view the plans here. I have budgeted £40k.

    My father in-law is a retired builder and has priced it up using individual contractors, he will also be helping out with some of the less labour intensive bits.

    I would imagine that what your trying to do will cost around the £50K mark.

    The first step is getting planning permission via an architect. Once you have the plans, you will then be able to put the work out to tender to local building companies and compare quotes.

    In regards to timeframes, every build is different. I'm planning to get my extension completed before Christmas, but need to get the foundations started first!

    Let us know how you get on?

  3. McNeely

    McNeely New Member


    Thanks Ben. That's very interesting. I'll let you know.
  4. Eddy Myers

    Eddy Myers Moderator


    a rough guide would be £1k per square metre - ground floor + first floor. This will depend on where in the country you are. I agree with Ben above that you should have a meeting with a local architectural professional and see what they say. They will let you know if there might be any planning problem etc.

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