Creating the Modern Family Conservatory

Creating the Modern Family Conservatory

Traditionally, conservatories were somewhere to relax with a good book surrounded by foliage and enjoy the view of the garden. However, over time they have become a valuable additional to any home whether it be for a young professional, a family or a couple enjoying their retirement. If you are experiencing the joys of bringing up your children in your dream home and are thinking of adding a conservatory, there are many ways to make it work for you perfectly.

Utilising Effectively

It is no longer seen as the norm to simply utilise a conservatory as a place to relax in the summer. There are a variety of different uses that you can choose from when thinking about building one. Within a family home you want to use the space as a play area for the children and one which can store all their toys. It can often be a nightmare tripping over toys, books and puzzles first thing in the morning, so by having a designated area you can enjoy space in another area of the house that is purely for your time.

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A conservatory could also be a great area to place your gym equipment as it is light and airy which is an ideal environment to work out in. Alternatively, how about using the space as a dining room or main living room for the summer months. This way you will get the most out of the room and it can be turned into another type of room for the winter if you wish.

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Decorate to Suit

conservatory flooringWhen you have decided the exact use of your conservatory, you will want to decorate accordingly. If you have decided on using it as an area for your children to play and express themselves then bright colours and soft furnishings will be fitting. For floor, laminate floors have been found to be ideal in areas in which children play. As there are often messes made when it is play time, laminate flooring is able to take quite a battering and can be cleaned far easier than carpet, it is also available quite cheaply now from online retailers such as factory direct flooring or your local DIY oulet.

If you are using the space to relax, think of neutral colours and simple patterns throughout. Try to stick to a colour palette and work with it throughout the room. Soft furnishings and plush cushions can make it easy to simply sink down onto the sofa and wind down in the evening.

Make Life Easier

Technology for the home is coming on leaps and bounds and there are a variety of gadgets that you can install to make family life that little bit easier. Automatic lighting, mood settings and automatic blinds are ideal extras for a conservatory and can make the space usable for a variety of different purposes.

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If you are a family that likes to maximise the space that you have and are often entertaining, mood lighting can be a great asset. So whether it is a romantic evening in, a dinner party or an evening doing homework with the children, there will be a way to enhance the atmosphere.

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